•  you have to put lots of stupid ‘’import silly_module'’ whatever you want to do (even really common tasks)
  •  the doc is scarce: take the page listing the functions of the cgi python module. Apart from the fact that the TITLE of the page is very badly chosen: 11.2.5 Function (what kind of title is that?), you don’t have any example, nor the possibility to add comments (like any php doc page)
  • python sites are ugly. I mean, I can’t say that www.php.net is beautifull, but www.python.org is really monstruous.
  • my very recent python installation (2.3.something) doesn’t have mysql built-in!!! I have to install the MySQLdb module whick does not look like a lot of fun: installing MySQLdb module for python. This is the last and final one. I won’t spend half a day trying to install a module, I’ve got work to do.


Surely, if you disagre with me, I will be most happy to discover that I am plain wrong, so comment away!!!