As I’ve said earlier, I find WordPress’s BlogTime plug-in a real wonder. When I was young, I was fascinated by stars (I was victim of a quite acute Star Wars syndrom) and espacialy with their spectrum analysis: where the light comming from a star is dispatched to make a big spectrum. Looking closely at the spectrum, you can see absorption lines: some elements present in the stars would catch certain light frequencies. These spectrums allow us to know which elements are in certain stars and hence to make a classification of stars.

So I’ve twitched wp-blogtimes.php to make it look like these spectrum but in reverse (absorption lines are in fact here “emission” lines ;-) .

Here the file: BlogTimes plug-in for WordPress with spectral colors , just replace your actual /wp-content/plugins/wp-blogtimes.php with it and see the magic. Red corresponds to early night hours, then lines turn to orange and then yellow which is for 06h00 (very late or very early bloggers). Morning bloggers slowly turn green to end up full green at midday. Afternoon goes blue (cyan for 18h) and night ends up dark blue.

So what color blogger are you?